Milk Bath

Our Family

Our small family farm started out as cows and sheep...and still is for that matter! But a desire for beauty, an odd conversation and an optimistic vision moved us to till up half an acre, a "nothing" piece of land in comparison to the acreage of most flower farms and plant some seed. "A learning curve" would be the understatement of our first year. But from tiny seed to bushy, beautiful flowers, our whole family got on board. Our kids helped us (and still do) till up ground and plant bulbs. They got excited when seeds arrived and sprouted, and they lived for tractor rides with their dad.

Our vision at Bramble Run is to make unique, quality blooms available to our "neighbors," aiming to offer an array of flowers beyond what you find in a grocery store setting, 80% of which are supplied by South America and covered in toxic chemicals. We want to cultivate and offer the varied beauty of nature right here in our surrounding counties!


Our Heart

You'd be hard pressed to convince me that beauty isn't an innate desire of every human heart. We believe it's how we were created. The presence of beauty can cause us to pause, it stirs up happiness, brightens our days and makes moments more memorable. I've always found joy in the little things that brighten someone's day, in letting them know they were important, in encouraging them. It wasn't long before I realized that when I walked past bouquets of flowers at the store, people's names would come to mind. Sometimes I knew the reason they needed encouraged and other times their faces were enough. So I decided to start stopping those flowers by their homes.


Even though I gave the flowers, I was the one that always received something: their reactions. Sometimes the flowers brought smiles and bright eyes, sometimes I got tears and long hugs and sometimes I saw them simply...breathe deep. Though the reactions were different, the beauty of those flowers did something for every soul. Not many of those friends had acreage or time to spare, to keep those joy-filled flowers continually around, but our farm was blessed with both...and so we decided to brighten people's days on a larger scale. And that's our heart: that through something as simple as a flower, we can help a person feel remembered, important, celebrated and loved. And through something as simple as our farm, we can encourage and inspire beauty in the lives and hearts of others.