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Weeding Together

Happy Mother's Day ! Today as a gift to me, I weeded. Funny enough, I don't mind; it's peaceful and satisfying to see the fruit of my work instantaneously...anyone else wired like that? It's also my time to think. Today I was thinking about the places those weeds root. Right in the middle of beautiful tulips and daffodils, hidden in peony bushes and among seedlings. They're sly because I never see them till their established, deep rooted and hard to pull. But with the determination and right tool I cut those suckers out...and some of them hurt! Why in the world they need to be covered in tiny spikes I don't know. But I do know you can't just cut them down or one unsuspecting day, when you think they're gone they'll come back with friends. You've got to dig deep... till you pull it out by the roots. Here's my point. We're not that different from plants, you and I. Other than being beautiful and liking sun and sugar water😁, we work to grow something beautiful in our lives, we tend it and water it and then unbeknownst to us a weed pops up. I don't know what your weeds are. Perhaps they're like mine; pride, comparison, discontentment. Sometimes we don't even see it at first... until it's huge or choking out the beauty we were cultivating. And I don't care who you are, the only way to get rid of it is to rip it out by the roots. We can't just trim it... or try to douse it in weed killer, all the while fertilizing it at the same time( anyone else guilty of that?) And sometimes...most the time, rooting it out is painful. But worth it. It brings health to the beauty you were intentionally growing. And then when the hard work is done, we've got to be diligent to watch for it's return. A little maintenance has proven to be far less work than undoing the havoc wreaked by shrugging them off. I'm not going to lie, cultivating flowers...or our own lives is a lot of work. But anything worth having usually takes work. So cultivate that beauty you're full of friends!

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