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DIY Seed Tape: It doesn't get any easier!

Time to prepare for direct sowing seeds outdoors and today's trick will make it a snap!

Currently, we all get to hang out at home every day (you extroverts try to read that with a positive tone ha) but spring is upon us, so we've been trying to share a few great ways to get your kids involved in preparing for the garden. Taking a few minutes on a rainy day like today will make that direct seeding of vegetables or flowers a snap! All you need are few simple supplies (catch our video tutorial over on our Facebook page, @bramblerunfarm)!

What you'll need:

* streamers (or crepe paper as we call it) you have sitting around

* scissors (not necessary)

* tape measure or ruler

* small paint brush or cotton swab

* and a small batch of corn starch glue (recipe at the bottom)

To get started, stretch out a piece of streamer as long as you desire. Next, line your tape measure or ruler against the streamer and mark the intervals where you plan to stick a seed. The back of your seed packet should tell you the spacing your seed requires.

When you've finished marking lines, use your cotton swab or paint brush to dab a small amount of your cornstarch glue just above each mark, placing the seeds as you go. I recommend make two or three glue spots at a time and then pausing to place seeds, so the glue doesn't dry. You're going to fold the streamer in half vertically when you've finished gluing seeds, so make sure not to glue the seed more than half way up the paper.

When you've attached all the seed you want, swab some more glue along the top edge of your streamer from beginning to end and carefully fold horizontally, from top to bottom. And you're done! Let your tape air-dry for a few hours and then plant or save in paper bags in your fridge. Don't forget to label either your tapes or their bags (I'm notorious for not labeling things!) so it's even easier to grab and plant when you're ready! When you are ready to plant, simply rake the soil, lay your strip where desired and cover with soil, usually about 1/4-1/8 inch of dirt does the trick. Water and you're finished! It doesn't get any easier than that! Get the family in on the fun while you are it! Happy planting!


* 1 c of water

* 1 TBS corn strach

* a saucepan

Simply combine the ingredients in your saucepan and cook over medium heat, constantly stirring, until a low boil starts to thicken the mixture. Remove from heat, give it a stir and let it cool a bit. It's ready to use!

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