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Evergreen Centerpiece Workshop

I LOVED this one. This was the farm’s first Christmas Centerpiece Workshop and the ladies and gentleman did not disappoint! There’s some serious talent in our community and I’m privileged to watch it come to life!

A quick introduction to technique and tricks of the trade and our attendees were off to selecting and cutting their greenery. The first step to this type of arrangement is to decide on the shape and size. Once that is in mind the next step is to mix textures and color, selecting the longest sprays for the base and layering shorter pieces as you move up the arrangement.

Our evergreen of choice was a mix of white pine, fir, blue spruce, Big O eucalyptus, cypress, seeded juniper and a few other goodies. Some artists left room for taper candles and ornaments, some polished their creations off with pinecones and ribbon but they were seriously, all beautiful!

We discussed some basics throughout the hour like the shorter the needle the faster the shed, options for preservation without spritzing and whether Die Hard is actually a Christmas movie😉(it is.) A beautiful, creative mess was all that was left behind. So thankful for everyone that came out and for getting to be a part of your holidays! Merry Christmas!🎄

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